Commercial and Residential Services Available

  • We offer full sand and gravel service for your property to manage icy and slippery areas such as parking lots, walkways, entrance ways and other areas where vehicular and pedestrian traffic is frequent.
  • Our crews quickly spot and treat areas of concern and apply the right amount of sand and gravel to avoid traction related accidents to people or property.
  • We’ll help make sure your property is safe in even in the worst conditions.
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Stay out of the frozen water! Our addition of sand or grit gravel will greatly improve traction, as well as help break stubborn snowpack and ice areas that may otherwise present the danger.

Even an entirely snow cleared area can still be a liability for the property owner, manager or occupant. A thin accumulation of ice on the sidewalk surface especially if not visible (black ice or ice covered with snow or other debris)can reduce traction and cause vehicular accidents as well as slip and fall liability.

Sand and Gravel Winter Services by LandSharx Snow Removal and Ice Management

Winter Challenge

Commercial Snow Plowing and Snow Removal by LandSharx

Winter brings challenges for commercial properties. Ensuring safety and accessibility of sidewalks and parking lots is crucial. Applying sand and gravel can help.

Enhancing Traction

Commercial Snow Plowing and Snow Removal by LandSharx

Ice and snow make sidewalks and parking lots slippery. This increases the risk of slips and falls. Sand and gravel provide much-needed traction.

Improving Visibility

Commercial Snow Plowing and Snow Removal by LandSharx

Snowy conditions make it difficult to distinguish the pavement. Sand and gravel can outline paths and parking spaces, guiding pedestrians and drivers.

Preventing Ice Formation

Commercial Snow Plowing and Snow Removal by LandSharx

Sand and gravel do not melt ice, but they can prevent it from forming. They create a barrier between the pavement and the snow.

Cost-Effective Solution

Commercial Snow Plowing and Snow Removal by LandSharx

Compared to other de-icing materials, sand and gravel are inexpensive and readily available. They are a cost-effective solution for winter maintenance.

Environmental Considerations

Commercial Snow Plowing and Snow Removal by LandSharx

 Sand and gravel are natural materials that pose minimal risk to the environment. Care should be taken to prevent them from entering storm drains.

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